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Thank you for visiting our web site. Diamond B Farm is a family owned farm that has been in the McGuire/Mauldin family for over 125 years. Kathleen Waynelle Brammer, daughter Sherri Biar, grandchildren; Glen, Andrew and Shannon Biar are the owners. The farm is managed by Glen Brammer with Ted Biar providing financial expertise. The farm is blessed to have springs that reportedly have never been dry; in the past neighbors brought their livestock to the springs for water during dry periods. The farm has abundance of grapes, spring plums, fall plums all of which makes excellent jellies and numerous pecan trees. We are also blessed to have great neighbors.

The farm was part of the original 2500 acre land grant given to Juan Espinoza by The Republic of Texas President Sam Houston for services rendered to the State of Texas in the revolutionary war for independence from Mexico. The farm was operating commercial cattle for over 50 years, mixed breeds, mostly Red Brangus. Barry McGuire one of the past owners served a short stint as a Texas Ranger.

In 2009 a decision was made to change to registered Angus for all the positive reasons including the strong Angus advertisement to become a seed stock operation and provide the local commercial cattlemen with herd sires. Mesquite, cedars and brush was bulldozed, burned and a blend of 6 types of native grass was planted. Crop land was converted to pasture by planting WWB-Dahl Old World Bluestem. Cross fences were built to start an intensive rotational grazing system. After the record setting hot dry year of 2010 we started using organic fertilizer on all fields in 2011 to put life back into the soil.

The mission of the farm is to raise the best Registered Angus cattle possible using up to date genetics with the service of the best AI sires in the industry. For the commercial cattlemen looking for a quality herd bull we focus on calving ease, good growth, strong maternal traits and high carcass production.

We use the Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR) through the American Angus Association extensively to track our progress and herd production. We use the simulated breeding feature of Angus Information Management Software (AIMS) to select the “right” sire for each cow/heifer to get the most optimum EPD traits possible with the eye appeal. No bulls are used for natural service allowing for selecting the best of the Angus breed for sires. We have incorporated a very aggressive herd health program design by Dr. Matthew Brink our farm veterinarian.

Glen and Waynelle Brammer,
Ted, Sherri Biar, Glen, Andrew and Shannon.

God Bless America

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